Strategic Underwriting Solutins, LLC

Strategic Underwriting Solutions, LLC
2593 Development Drive
Suite 200
Green Bay, WI  54311

Toll Free: 800.592.2660
Phone: 920.338.1970
Fax: 920.338.1971


Products & Services 

  • Production underwriting services on behalf of health and life insurers and managed care organizations for new and renewal business
    Financial Accuracy

  • Underwriting and consultation services for block rehabilitations to improve financial performance

  • Audit services for underwriting departments and reinsurer due diligence

  • Audit consultations to provide procedures and potential audit programs
     Medical Expertise

  • Consultative services for enhancement of underwriting processes and procedures for existing and new product development

  • Consultative services for staff training programs

  • Consultative services and production support for contract review underwriting due to applicant health history misrepresentation

  • Overflow production underwriting for carriers and TPA underwriting departments

  • Complete compliance services including product development assistance, drafting policy language, and filing forms/rates with government regulators to support client strategies
  • Regulatory research services provided to enhance our client's performance

  • Health insurance product development and program enhancement services provided for marketing organizations and distribution systems

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